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. . .
dear reader,
             born out of countless nights of being in love with an untouchable face, thinking tree records began. we've been mixing up whimsically phat beats since 1998, and now in our third year of living our breath has faded into a whisper. in a feeble attempt to reenter the busywork of marketing thinkingtree has aquired a number of bumper stickers (shh...don't tell my boss) and so we are ready for distribution. if you've ever been given a thinkingtreerecord, you know the cost already. free. thinkingtreerecords is devoted to the giveandletgive sytem of record company establishments. we need you to speak for us.

here's how:
send me an envelope with an extra stamp in it (and your address somewhere on or in the envelope) and i'll mail you a sticker as soon as i can.

address envelopes to:
jackie simmons
6850 N. 1000 W.
shipshewana, IN