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r u n n i n g a s f a s t a s i c a n.

my last summer on earth,

         i've become the ignore child of all those familar faces. my eyes are watering but not from tears, it's from irritation. it's a lonely time, but aren't they all.

"actually her life is boring and rather common butmost are - mine is too...she gets into a crying jag, she's cute, really, and pitiful, all she wants
is what she's always wanted, only it's getting further and further away...
outside the traffic runs up and down, down and
going nowhere."

~charles bukowski


        i wish i could tell you that after high school the revelations iíve encountered
have abounded any negative habits iíve picked up along the way. i wish i
could say the regret i feel about ever letting myself love any of you is less
than the happiness i experience, but i canít. i just wait for peace, and wonder
where God got his sense of humor. whereís the compassion. heís out
swimming in the lake. donít tell me what cannot be done...

still waters run deep,

legnariah: write me something
Pendjurny: like a novel?
legnariah: something that is pretty
legnariah: or ugly
legnariah: so i can have a piece of you
legnariah: for my little creation
Pendjurny: I could cut off my ear
Pendjurny: and send it to you
legnariah: i'm not a whore
Pendjurny: in a minature coffin
legnariah: i'm being seriousssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Pendjurny: with an inscription on it that says
"wha'd you say"

bushy bout
snuffled round
the made for
trail special

the end.