thinkingtree records is now offering a new service to it's patrons from the ala carte studio. i'm currently rounding up all of my cd's and posting them (along with track titles) to the right. it's going to take awhile because i have so many cds so check daily for updates. same goes for the rest of the site                        . anyway, here's how ala carte works:

first off you've gotta forward my site to at least 20 different ppl. you can use an email i wrote to you about the site or make one up yourself. prove it to me by sending it to me too. as incentive i'll make you a cd.
pick out the cds and tracks you want your final cd to contain.(to be safe keep it to 15 tracks or under...(if it's too long i'll let you know) and email me with what you want. i'll  burn you the cd and email you what the shipping charge will be. later on when i get to the post office and determine shipping i'll just post it and you can send (check or money's about 2 bucks) it right away for faster shipping from me. the cd istself, as always, is free.
the very same,