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Artists: dasboard confessional
kind giver:matthew robert shuff

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Artists: (compilation) jimi hendrix, ben harper, fiona apple, etc.
kind giver: robert james stump
(a very biased ****)
<<artists: the jazz june, hum, etc.
kind giver: matthew robert shuff
thinkingtreestaffrating: **** (and  1/2)
<<artists: pedro the lion
kind giver:alisha hasbrouck (borrowed)

the bands:
eLeNoR'S LaSt BrEaTh
there's a new band i'm trying to get...bear in mind they're still a fetus of an idea but here's the skinny: two guys with wide open minds about music, all kinds of talent, and of course - a garage. i'll keep ya posted.
tour dates:
<<eLeNoR'S LaSt BrEaTh
the fate of this band is currently in limbo.

we're always givin' stuff away here, sometimes it's hard to remember... if you've ever been given a thinkingtree cd, or mix tape and feel like given something back in turn for it's utter freeness, help us take a little inventory. get together all the stuff we've given ya, and email what it was titled, the gist of what was on it, and if you have time, wetheror not you liked it. puhleese respond! send along pics too if you want. you can email us