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r u n n i n g a s f a s t a s i c a n.
breathe deep breath d e e p e r ,


"the truth is we all ache.
we all have growing pains.
and wonder if we are
okay and enough loved.
the things is - we are.
without the silver shoes
and leaopard print sheets.
we are enough without
all the things we buy
to make us much more
than we are or need to be
we are simple
and complex
and rare
as is "

~sabrina ward harrison

so silence i invite you. solitude while surrounded by these halter topped masses is a funnysmilingbadly thing but fuck it. here i come.

the girl who lives here,


i left the door open for you to come in. i'd watch for you but my hands are busy mending what recollections of your paleturningseasons face i've savedin the tattered shoebox we kept in the closet. i would have saved them from the fire but my entire body was overcome with the ache of inadequecy. i read the best way out is always through.threw.thru.


p(dot)s(dot)  it's been awhile since my fingers have pressed the keys in reference to you. the debre is piling up around me. help me get out of this skin.

dear reader,

           common sense tells us to keep our hands off the table. to not write on walls, to shut the door behind us when we go. common sense has failed me.


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